Featured Courses & Resources

Featured Courses

Wellness Basic Training is a peer-reviewed 7-step course created
by law enforcement, for law enforcement
that will guide you through creating a personalized wellness training plan, even if you have no idea what wellness means or what it looks like for you.

The course guides you through creating a wellness program unique to who you are and your specific needs by promoting and encouraging:

• Cognitive balance

• Well-rounded non-law enforcement life.

Who is this for? Police, deputies, agents, corrections, probation and parole officers, investigators, dispatchers, and lab techs.

The Resources You Need To Thrive in Your Wellness Endeavors

This is a collection of books, downloads and products that you can use to up-level your wellness training efforts, cultivated by Bridget, for you.

Equipment and Apparel

This is a collection products, apparel and more that Bridget loves and thinks you will, too.

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