Protecting those that protect us.

We were cops. We get it.

We have a mission of changing the world by helping one person at a time. We want to help by answering your legal questions and by providing essential self-care tools. We have seen the power of mindfulness, and community and believe our programs will provide what you need to feel empowered.

Our aim…

is creating comfort, ease, and support for you to experience a more balanced and joyful life! Imagine for a moment if all first responders felt supported and empowered to be his or her true, authentic self.

Imagine that will be could be like?

Imagine what the ripple effects of that WILL be!

“The single most powerful investment we can ever make in life is the investment in ourselves, in the only instrument we have with which to deal with life and to contribute.”

- Stephen R. Covey, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Meet the Founder…

Bridget Truxillo is the Founder and CEO of Protective Wellness. Bridget knows the challenges law enforcement officers face, both outside and inside their agencies based on her experiences as a Deputy Sheriff in Gainesville, Alachua County, Florida.

Bridget started out in Patrol, but very quickly transferred to the Narcotics and Organized Crime Unit (NOCU), and also became the only female member of the SWAT team.

During her time in the NOCU, Bridget routinely conducted undercover buys of narcotics and effectuated many arrest and search warrants as a result of her undercover operations.

While on the SWAT team, Bridget participated in serving search warrants, active shooter and hostage situations, competed twice in SWAT Round-up International (an International SWAT competition), as well as many hundreds of hours of training.

Although being a Deputy Sheriff allowed Bridget to serve the public, Bridget realized she wanted to find a way to serve the law enforcement and first responder community directly so she left law enforcement to attend law school as a means to glean the knowledge and skills necessary for this purpose. After 13+ years practicing law in civil litigation, Bridget was able to curate a unique business dedicated to representing and supporting law enforcement officers and first responders.

Bridget is a graduate of the University of Florida (Go Gators!) with a B.S. degree in Environmental Horticulture (yes, she really likes plants), and the University of St. Thomas School of Law in Miami, FL with a J.D.

Bridget is licensed to practice law in Texas, Florida, New York and Louisiana, and lives in Houston, TX with her beautiful, smart, and fun husband and three kids.

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Bridget's passion to serve others in evident during this interview. And she does it in a variety of ways. We cover that as well as some of her most embarrassing moments and scariest moments on the job. When she's not busy protecting others or helping them become their best, she's busy mom raising kids of her own.

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One Of The First Females In Her Agency’s SWAT team, She Talks About The Stress And Says Departmental Pressure Contributed To The End Of Her Law Enforcement Career.

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How to Fight Negativity, Cynicism, and Anger to Live a Fulfilling Life with Bridget Truxillo

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In this interview I opened up a little more about my experience of being the only female on the department's SWAT team and of the unfair treatment I received while working on the team.

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Dean is joined in the studio by Bridget Truxillo. Bridget is a former Sheriff Deputy who is now an attorney defending police men and women. Listen to Bridget’s journey into leadership and how she aligns her wellness into that journey."

The Great Conversation Podcast

Imagine spending your career in a variety of public service roles such as law enforcement officer, member of a SWAT team, and involved with undercover narcotics investigations.

Then you go to law school.

You become a partner in a law firm serving the law enforcement community.

And then you determine that the mental and emotional experiences had taught you some very important lessons about composure under pressure and mental health. So, you launch Protective Wellness (formerly known as the Law Enforcement Legal and Wellness Program), a membership-based program designed exclusively for law enforcement with a unique combination of legal support services, wellness tools, and much more.
Members have access to an attorney for one-on-one consultations for advice on any type of legal issue, job-related or not.
In addition, members have access to monthly wellness training, legal training/information and
community support; all of which is specifically cultivated to provide comfort, ease, and support for a more balanced and joyful life.

A Tough Conversation

Recorded on Tuesday, May 4, 2021 with hosts Chris Scallon (Founder of Survival Mindset Consulting), Doug Monda (Founder of Survive First), Raul Rivas (Survive First) and Chris Fields (Founder of Out of Chaos).

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Click to listen to Bridget's interview on the Police Off the Cuff Podcast with NYPD Mark DeMayo and Bill Cannon.

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"Bridget is one amazing leader, and you'll understand why after today's show. She breaks down how we can be most effective, reduce stress, and show up how we really want to at work and at home!"

Code 3 Counseling Podcast

"On today's episode, Shawn & Alisha have a chat with Bridget Truxillo of Protective Wellness.

Bridget served as a sheriff's deputy, was on the SWAT team, and is now an attorney for law enforcement officers.

She shares her experience working for the sheriff's department, getting into law, and creating a program for first responder wellness. She also shares tips and strategies to help you enjoy the work that you do."

Tactical Fitness

Special Guest Bridget Truxillo, former SWAT operator, Narcotics Investigator, and now Attorney discusses her journey as well as a great method to make time for your personal health and wellness (physical / mental / emotion / professional).

Giving Back to the Law Enforcement Community

Tactical Living

Join us as we learn how Bridget teaches how we can carve out 1-hour a day to invest in yourself through your physical, mental and social dimensions.

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This was a serious conversation with "IceMan" about the tolls the job can take on a law enforcement officer."

The Off Duty Podcast - Law Enforcement

In this interview I opened up a little more about my experience of being the only female on the department's SWAT team and of the unfair treatment I received while working on the team.

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In this interview Jacob and I talked about the importance of doing what you love and shedding the "golden handcuffs" for a life of purpose.

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In this episode, Steve and Bridget chat about life as a "hard charger in this line of work." From Patrol to narcotics to becoming her agency and being the first female SWAT member at her department, she "packed a lot into her time as a copper."

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In this interview Jim and Bridget chat about how law enforcement officers can apply wellness principles to improve their emotional health.

Enduring The Badge Podcast

In this interview, Jerry and Bridget focus on the physical aspect of wellness training. Bridget also emphasized the three fundamentals of physical fitness- Stimulation, Nutrition and Rest (especially rest).

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