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Wellness Basic Training August 22

So tell me...

Do you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, unsupported in your job as a law enforcement officer? 

Are you suffering from burnout?

Have you realized you feel stressed ALL the time, not just at work?

Is it becoming harder to turn that off?

Is your personal life suffering?

Do you feel there is a lack of resources to know how to fix all of this?

Are you tired of hearing people talk about the “problems” of the job, and not enough about the solution?

Do you want to try and prevent all those cumulative stress effects from happening to you?

Are you worried about the stigma associated with taking time to take care of yourself? 

Have you abandoned hobbies and non-work related activities, and focusing too much on work?

And do you?

wish you could get advice, help and training designed for cops, by a former cop, someone who knows what the job is like?

wish there was a way to still be happy at work and balance your personal life?

Want to take steps to improve your mental health without worrying about what your agency will think? 

If that is YOU, there is a solution!

What if: 

 you could find a program specifically designed to teach you what “wellness” is, and to help you know you deal with the unique stressors of the life of a law enforcement officer.

 you could find peace on the job, despite its challenges.

you could start to feel more” un-messable-with” at work? 

learn how to know to create a wellness routine designed by you, unique to your needs and interests

Being a cop requires you to be hypervigilant and alert at all times. The stress you experience on the job can be overwhelming and never really goes away. The key to learning how to handle it all is by establishing a wellness routine. 

Law enforcement officers who are overwhelmed and frustrated can leverage Bridget’s 30 years of wellness, leadership, law enforcement, and legal training and experience for a blueprint on how to quickly feel more comfort, ease, and support for increased balance and joy in life. Bridget is passionate about helping law enforcement officers discover their ability to find happiness daily, regardless of the environment or circumstances surrounding them. Bridget is an attorney and former Deputy Sheriff (SWAT and undercover narcotics) and the founder and CEO of Protective Wellness.


With the Protective Wellness Basic Training Course, you will get:

A program that breaks down to the basics of what wellness training is, 

That shows why you should do it and how to prioritize your time to do so,

Explains the four pillars of wellness training: physical, mental, spiritual, and social/emotional,

Helps you develop the daily habits to implement a wellness routine designed around who you are,

Gives you the confidence you need and the support you are missing, with resources and training designed specifically with you, a law enforcement officer, in mind, and

Training is conducted privately, away from your agency, allowing for anonymity in your wellness endeavors.

Find out that you are not alone in your struggles- there is a whole community of law enforcement officers, and first responders, out there that are also struggling with the same issues, and all of us are waiting to support you!


Who is the course designed for?  

This program is for officers, deputies, trainers, supervisors, managers, and all other personnel looking for action steps, as it relates to knowing how to take care of their own wellness, and gain the power to change how you feel, both on and off the job.

You are already resilient

When everyone else runs away from danger, you run to it!  You are a law enforcement officer, and your resilience is part of who you are, now learn to use that to create more joy, happiness, fulfillment, peace and calm in your day-to-day life.

When you sign up for the Wellness Basic Training Course you will get ...  

Wellness Basic Training is a program designed to expand your understanding of wellness and deepening your commitment to daily wellness routines and habits.

The program opens up every two months, and you will be on this journey with other like-minded law enforcement officers from around the country.

It’s a seven-section course that will lead you through 

  • why you are committing to improving your wellness journey, 
  • how to prioritize this type of time in your life for yourself
  • the specific focus areas in which wellness training
    • Physical
    • Mental
    • Spiritual
    • Social/emotional 
  • And how to implement this type of training into your daily routines and habits.

When you register you will get the following:

  • An introductory video to let you know what is expected of you as a participant and
  • what you can expect of me as your wellness training coordinator

Once the program begins you will receive the following:

  • a new training video at the beginning of each week that you can watch at a time most convenient for you. 
  • Each video is followed by an assessment designed to help you analyze your understanding of the topic and areas in which you would like to focus.
  • A live 10-min neuro reset session every Friday at 615am on Instagram. 

In addition, each week I will send you daily, short, 3-5 minutes videos as reminders on key points related to that week’s training. 

All participants will receive: 

  • Wellness Basic Training Swag- as tangible reminders of the journey you are on.

Your journey begins June 27, 2022!


What People Are Saying:

This is a program that should be available to all ranks of law enforcement, from the police academy, all the way to the retirees. We haven't been taught how to take care of ourselves, and that is what this program does for you.

Sgt. Diderot (Training Bureau)

This program taught me where I was lacking in my wellness routine, and am thankful to have learned tips and tricks for slowing down to find more peace and stillness in my life.

Lisa L.

This training has helped me find new ways to create wellness routines in my life, and to stick to those after my motivation wears off.

Bri (Deputy Sheriff)

Training like this, from a third-party, was really important to me. I wanted the wellness training but I was afraid my agency would see as a weakness, something negative ding me for or add to my file. I felt safe in this program to say and ask what I needed.

Cpl. Bryce

The training section that discussed the fundamentals of physical fitness really resonated with me because it made me realize that physical fitness is so much more than strength and functional movement. It is also a tool to combat the stress of living in a job that requires hypervigilance and has helped me implement routines and mindset changes that will improve my emotional balance, both on and off the job.

Bryan W. (Sgt.)