Rich Cop or Poor Cop?

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Rich Cop or Poor Cop?

Which one are you?


 As a law enforcement officer, isn’t it great when you can find help from someone that understands what your life is like as a law enforcement officer or as a first responder?

I think so.

I wish I would have had more of that type of help and understanding when I was a Deputy Sheriff.

That’s why I created Protective Wellness. I understand your job and how it affects your life, and I want to help.  

I love my job because I have met so many amazing men and women who also want to help and who have unique, helpful tools to offer law enforcement officers and first responders to help improve their daily lives.


A cop who understands

One of these fantastic people is Jason Hoscheur. 

Jason is a retired law enforcement officer who now has a business called GPS Financial Coaching, which provides financial coaching to law enforcement officers from a law enforcement perspective.

I wanted to have the conversion with Jason because I think there are a lot of cops out there that potentially could be, or maybe already are, living life where they've resigned themselves to the many ways the job is hard or challenging.

And that includes the fact that they “don't make enough money” and think they just have to deal with debt. Maybe cops feel like they are going live in debt forever.

(Sidebar: when I say law enforcement or cop, I also mean all first responders, and since I am former law enforcement, I use that term for simplicity's sake)

One of the things that I will talk about a lot in every part of wellness training I do is that cops have to be proactive and plan how they take care of themselves, and if you're always working to pay your bills or get out of debt, you can't do that. 

There is more to you than being a cop.  If you are working too much overtime to pay your bills, you cannot be proactive and plan your personal life away from work.  

Cue Jason. He can help cops figure out how to avoid working too much, not have to work overtime every day to take care of themselves and reserve their time for things that make them happy outside of work. 

Find your financial roadmap.

In this brief conversation Jason walks you through some straightforward and essential concepts that are key to financial wellness: 

  • What is a budget?
  • What a budget is not.
  • Baby steps, tiny habits.
  • Change the “poor cop” mindset
  • Being a leader in your own life
  • 5-day budgeting challenge 

At the end of the conversation, Jason explained the free resource he offers on his website,  the 5-day budgeting challenge, that I think everyone should try.  It’s an excellent primer for knowing where you need to go to map out your financial freedom.

This free resource is another tool to add more daily doses of happiness to your life. Start today!


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